As above so below

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Recently, a family member asked me to do a remote viewing target for them.

I asked them to assign a number to their target and then just send the number to me.

They replied, “Ok, it’s 1234321”

I replied, “impressive and unique number” 🙂

I worked the target using CRV and ERV type methods for a couple of days…trying my best to get as much info as possible about their target.

A couple of days later, I sent them this summary of the target:

Target 1234321

I keep getting impressions & symbols of things denoting continuousness, eternity, unendingness. There is no beginning, there will be no end sort of stuff. For instance I had visuals of a mobius strip like shape…moving down a hallway and no matter how far I move the end is still just as far away…a long long unending tunnel with people moving through it.

I also get many impressions of people looking back at me. They seem to know me. Some are waving. Some have their arms around the shoulder of the person next to them. They seem like family. Their numbers seem vast …continuous, eternal, without end. I get a sense that we must cross some sort of bridge to get to them.

I get the impression of spirit forms moving from one realm or level to the next. The theme “as above so below” keeps coming to mind as I see mountains, lakes, buildings, animals, oceans, etc. in all these places. I could hear the wind. See ocean waves lapping against a shore. I could feel sunlight and see forests. I got the impression that this is what consciousness does, has always done and will always do forever.

I had a couple visuals of people pondering their own reflection.

I had a visual of two people looking at each other. Behind each of them was another person looking away.

I had a visual of something that looked like sparks flowing like a fountain.

I had a visual of a finger touching the water and then rings of ripples flowed away from where the finger touched the water.

I had an interesting visual of a human form. There was a glow all about the body and beyond the glow I could see energy rotating in a ring around the human form.

I had a visual of a person standing under an arch shaped opening or gate looking back at me. Behind them was a whole other world with buildings, mountains, sky visible

I had a visual of a chain linked together

At some point the story of Gandolf talking to Pippen popped into my mind:

Gandolf: End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it.

Pippin: What Gandalf? See what?

Gandolf: White shores, and beyond a far green country under a swift sunrise

Pippin: Well, that isn’t so bad

Gandolf: No. No. It isn’t

Ok…that’s it. Now this is the part where you tell me that the target was, “What will the price of Bitcoin be in November” 🙂

The family member soon replied back to me to tell me what their target was:


Are humans connected to a unique and eternally valid soul? What sort of separation exists between souls at this level. Deeply explore this “higher realm” of awareness.

They then went on to tell me about a dream they had had just the previous night:

11:00 pm fell asleep on couch listening to a brain hemi-sync tune. Woke up around 12:30 am with no dream memory . Went up stairs to bed. At some point in another dream state…. I encountered a force of awareness beyond what a “normal” dreamlike experience could be. A greater awareness seemed to envelope me in a cloudy white light. It did not seem to be a separate awareness from my own.

Beyond the white cloud I could see a huge bubble or sphere. The sphere was floating over a field of green grass. Inside the sphere was a clear blueish opacity that contained a sort of universe of stars and nebula. It was night time and the stars were out behind it. The sphere appeared over the grass maybe 100 feet away. The sphere sort of camouflaged into the night sky as it moved. A face like feature seemed to form and look at me from within the sphere, then the face went back into the sphere. The moon reflected from it’s surface. It showed itself majestically.

At some point I had a top down view of many other universe spheres. They were all moving about.

Once Again I was enveloped in the white light. It seemed to power the physical life experience in a cosmic cloud like unraveling…an unraveling of awareness. It showed me this unraveling multiple times. At one point it unraveled and inside the cloud a family of three were holding hands, walking down a path.

It seemed to unravel us all so far out that we forget what we are. We then feel separate from our surroundings. The outside world feels completely separate from our inside world. But how could that truly be when we are this creative awareness itself? This awareness seemed to unravel itself very deliberately and I felt that it could create my human consciousness of the world with the slightest whim. It could create the earth experience with the slightest thought. It was done in a smooth effortless motion of thought. Again this dream was overwhelming.

At that moment I decided that I did not want to look further into the white cloud. I felt grateful to be here as myself. I felt somehow we do choose to be here. Why exactly? I don’t know.

It was just a dream but I have never had a “dream” like that before. This was just a “dream” right?…right??…:)


Ahhh…well. Life yet remains an unfathomable mystery. But in rare moments we do catch glimpses of the majesty and absolute power that lies at its source.

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