Becoming ONE with the oil funnel

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A few years ago, the company I was working for was in the midst of a period of great change. It had been bought out by a much larger company and a great deal of FUD (fear-uncertainty-doubt) existed among the employees at my particular branch as to what our future would be. Were they going to consolidate and shut our facility down? Were we going to loose our jobs? I came up with the idea of trying a multiple choice target to try to determine that answer with Remote Viewing. Basically, I framed the “intention” or question like this. If my particular facility was going to be shut down and/or I was going to loose my job, then I would “remote” view Target A. If my facility was not going to be shut down and/or I would retain my job (or be offered an equal or better job) with this particular company then I would “remote” view Target B. I asked my wife and son to select two completely different targets. If after the attempt, I had clearly viewed either Target A or Target B, then they would tell me which target I had viewed and I would then know what the future was going to bring. On my first attempt to view “the target”, I had an extremely clear…nearly photographic image of my son appear in my mind. He was wearing a blue bandanna which he often wears. I wondered if they had actually selected my son as one of the targets. I mentioned that to my wife but she just gave me a blank stare and asked if that was the description of the target I wanted to offer. I decided I would keep trying. On my second attempt, I clearly saw an old antique wood like surface. I could see the surface rising both above me and to one side at 90 degree angles. I knew I had seen this wood texture surface before but could not remember where. I described this to my wife. Again she said nothing, but I thought I noticed her blank stare had changed a bit. On my third attempt, I saw a very bright light shining in the darkness. At first the light was shining directly at me, but then it slowly began turning and I could see the light shining out as if from a flashlight and striking a green colored surface. As the light turned, it flared out against the surface exactly as would a beam of light from a flashlight. The surface was the same color of green as the walls in my kitchen and I began to wonder if the target was something in my kitchen. I explained this to my wife and all she would say was, “well that is amazing. I don’t know how you do this but it’s amazing” (I love it when she talks like that ;). However, she wanted me to try one final time so I made a fourth attempt and this time I saw what I can only describe as numerous brown fuzzy looking structures all tangled together in a bushy looking blob. It seemed to me that I wasn’t doing well at all with this experiment…I was seeing something different on every attempt. Soon thereafter, I was sitting down at the kitchen table having lunch with my wife and son. If was then that I noticed the antique wooden surface of the dresser sitting in the entry of my kitchen. That’s where I had seen that surface before. Behind the dresser was a mirror with a frame made of the same antique wood (that accounted for the 90 degree angles I had seen in that surface) Behind were the green painted walls that I had seen the light shining on. I pointed towards the dresser and said to my wife and son, ” I don’t know what the target is, but it has something to do with that end of this room. My wife and son looked at each other a bit distressed. My son said, “Well shit!”. They then showed me Target A. It was a little yellow oil funnel. They picked the funnel because it corresponded with “things going down the tube” It was sitting on top of the antique wooden dresser in about the middle . A flashlight was sitting off to the left side. My son’s bandanna was also there ( actually lying partially on top of the funnel). Also sitting on the table was a decoration…a little brown fuzzy bush. I had never seen the funnel…had I BECOME the funnel and seen everything around it as if I WERE it?…the funny thing is that I had actually began the whole remote viewing attempt by saying to my wife and son , (intending a bit of humor) ” I must become one with the target”… Heah…I didn’t think I really would 🙂 Oh, and what was Target B? It was a silver dinner spoon sitting inside of a kitchen drawer. Well…so how did things turn out. The branch were I worked was in fact eventually closed down and we all lost our jobs.

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