Blowing Snow

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2 Responses to “Blowing Snow”

  1. Jon Knowles Says:

    That’s some darn good viewing there! I’m curious about the complex yarn-tangle marks (for lack of a better term – maybe you have one) that you seem to get the information from, in some instances. I’ve not seen that before. Would like to know more about it. – Jon

  2. Mcyolic Says:

    Hi, Jon,
    Well, those complex yarn-tangles are my way of doing ideograms. I often do ideograms in multiple passes (without looking at the resulting ideogram until I am done with all the passes).

    I am also obviously artistically challenged. My drawings are so bad that they may well look like ideograms. The yarn-tangles in this post above the words “dust storm/haze in air” are for instance my attempt at drawing duststorm/haze. My wife tells me that I need to take an art class 🙂

    For those who may not know, Jon maintains a cool site with links to remote viewing sources.

    Jon has also written a book on remote viewing which I have read and recommend highly.