Cape Spartel

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cape spartel
The target – Photo by Alex Lomas – Flickr, CC BY 2.0, Link

cape spartel remote view

I thought it interesting that the multi-layered ideograms produced for this target even picked up on the rounded parking/viewing area at the left of the photo. As I have stated before the use of multi-layered ideograms is NOT a replacement method for CRV, SRV, HRVG or any other remote viewing method. The use of multi-layered ideograms is simply a tool a remote viewer may or may not choose to use. As Glen Wheaton of HRVG has stated, “You have to look if you want to see. If you don’t look you won’t see”. I might add that “You have to listen if you want to hear, You have to touch if you want to feel, You have to taste and smell if you want to pick up that sensory information from a remote viewing target. I post a lot of multi-layered ideograms as examples but they are not complete sessions. They are simply examples of the power of ideograms (and particularly multi-layered ideograms) and are not a complete method of doing remote viewing in and of themselves (although they can often reveal the basic layout of a remote viewing target within seconds of beginning a session.) 🙂

Also with regard to Ideograms, I feel the same way about them as I do about Remote Viewing in general. No one really understands how they work or why they work or the mechanisms involved which allow a human being to connect to objects and locations which are distant to them in time or space or both. The inner workings of ideograms are as much a mystery as is remote viewing and for that matter as is consciousness itself.

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