Direct Hit

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What is shown below is a remote viewing target done by my daughter (who has only recently expressed interest in actually learning to do remote viewing ). I gave her a few pointers and this is what she was able to do.

The white paper in the bottom left corner is the target which I gave her to view and is the only thing she knew in advance about the target. Above we read some words she wrote about her perceptions in her notebook…blue…loud-jet noise…flying. At the right is a drawing she made of her perceptions. It sure looks like a rocket to me. I asked her why she drew the fins up on the nose and she told me that at the time she drew the picture, she had no idea what it was that she was drawing. I told her, “That is a good answer” 🙂

More of her perceptions written in her notebook: Airplane…Outside…Cold…Blue…Shocking…Falling…Spinning…White

More Perceptions:  Space…Rocket…Earth…Amazing…Up High…Moving Fast

The target was the picture shown below of the Apollo 11 Launch

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  1. PJ Says:

    Nice! My kid (when age 8 first time) did some RV and did humorously well with it — I think often young people are more open to having no idea what's going on and being able to just "go with that," more than older people. Good data!

  2. Mcyolic Says:

    I totally agree with you PJ.

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