Entanglement not a tangible physical property.

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The title to this article is by itself quite intriguing. Science comes ever closer to the truth as they find that quantum entanglement involves non-physical connections across space and time. Note in particular the second to the last paragraph of the article: “The experiment shows that it’s not strictly logical to think of entanglement as a tangible physical property, Eisenberg says. “There is no moment in time in which the two photons coexist,” he says, “so you cannot say that the system is entangled at this or that moment.” Yet, the phenomenon definitely exists. Anton Zeilinger, a physicist at the University of Vienna, agrees that the experiment demonstrates just how slippery the concepts of quantum mechanics are. “It’s really neat because it shows more or less that quantum events are outside our everyday notions of space and time.” How ironic for mankind that after thousands of years of asking the question “Does God exist?” it turns out that the proper question is “Does anything BUT God exist?”

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