Have I got a long way to run?

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I woke up in the middle of the night last night and started pondering and musing about “the virus” (as I’m sure many of us have been doing). Suddenly the vague recollection of a song popped in my mind and I decided there was a message in that song I needed to hear. I couldn’t remember the lyrics very well but remembered the words, “I’ve got a long way to run”. I decided I would google that line in the morning and find the song and play it. At about 5:30 AM this morning my wife leaned over to me and said, “I was thinking about “the virus” last night and I suddenly had this song pop into my mind and it drove me nuts”. She went on to say how she had got up and had started searching the web to find the song that had popped into her mind. She finally found that it was the song titled “Run” by Collective Soul. Well that got my attention and as she recited the lyrics of the song to me I realized that it was the same song that had popped into my mind and at approximately the same time.

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