How did we let that happen

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Sometimes we connect to the undivided whole in our dreams so I am adding a “lucid dreams” section to this blog…a section for everything with everything in it’s section. First a comment about SECTIONS. While growing up in my family, if one was to ask, ” Where’s the peanut butter”, the likely answer one would receive was, ” It’s in the peanut butter section”. This same type of answer would be given when asking the location for most anything. Where’s the toilet paper…it’s in the toilet paper section. Where’s the beef…it’s in the beef section. Where’s my coat…it’s in the coat section?…and so on and so forth (Of course there were no sections and no one had a clue where the item you were seeking actually was). Anyway, this section will actually exist and will be for posts about dreams, the dream state and particularly lucid dreams. Here’s the first: My father (who I was very close to) died many years ago after a long battle with cancer. He died but his cancer lived on in my dreams of him. For 20 years, whenever I dreamed of my father, he was always sick…until one night I had a particularly vivid dream of him: In this dream, I was walking down a path with the expectation that I was to meet my father. After a while, I saw him coming towards me and as he neared, I saw that he was muscular, healthy and youthful looking. He was wearing a very nice fitting blue-gray suit. His hair was no longer gray and thinning, but brown and full. He seemed full of happiness, self assurance and positive energy. He stopped directly in front of me and I lifted my hand and touched his shoulder. I said, ” Hi Dad…long time no see”. He smiled broadly and replied inquisitively, ” Yes…how did we let that happen?” as if he was curious about how we could have let all those years slip by without seeing each other. And then…I woke up (shit!). Anyway, the dream was so vivid and powerful that since then, I’ve never again dreamed of him being sick.

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