How to safely punch a jerk

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It was while reading Joseph McMoneagles, “The Stargate Chronicles, Memoirs of a Psychic Spy” that I first became interested in lucid dreaming . McMoneagle tells of experiments that he did with Stephen Laberge, doing Remote Viewing while in a lucid dreaming state. They were quite successful, but Joseph McMoneagle became a little spooked after having several false awakenings in a row. He would think he had awakened from his dream state only to discover after a while that he actually had not awakened and was only dreaming that he had awakened. After those experiments he stated that he either has now awakened or is in the longest lucid dream of his life 🙂 Lucid dreaming is a state where your body is asleep and dreaming but your mind is awake and fully aware. You are dreaming but you know that you are dreaming. I wondered if such a state was really possible so I bought Stephens book, “Exploring the world of Lucid Dreaming” and learned how to do it. I actually had my first lucid dream while still reading his book. In my first lucid dream I found myself in an airport terminal. I had taught myself to ask the question, “Am I awake or dreaming?” anytime I was in an airport (which was a couple of times a week in those days). Once that habit had been established in the waking world I automatically continued asking myself that same question if I found myself at an airport in the dream world. In my dream, after asking the question, I looked up at a marquee and read the flight information. I looked away for a moment and then quickly looked back a second time . All the words had changed and now read something entirely new. This (I had learned in the book) was a method to test whether or not I was awake or dreaming (words do not remain stable in the dream state). Suddenly I became “lucid”. I was somehow awake within my dream. A man near me was ranting, yelling loudly and being very abusive towards a woman standing next to him. I said to myself, “heah…I’m only dreaming”…so I walked over to the man and punched him in the stomach. As I threw the punch, I thought to myself, “I sure hope I’m only dreaming”. The anxiety of the thought caused me to immediately wake up. I did feel that punch make contact first though and it was quite satisfying :). I’d had my first lucid dream. Cool!

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