I don’t believe in Astrology, but then people with my sign never do

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I first read that statement (the title to my post) in an interview on Jeffrey Mishlove’s website with Charles Tart. Jeffrey Mishlove, the host in the video in my previous post, is the only person ever awarded a doctoral diploma in Parapsychology by an accredited, American university. He’s written some interesting books including “The Roots of Consciousness” (which you can read online), and “The PK Man” which is about the late Ted Owens, a man with extreme paranormal abilities. Mishlove hosts the “Thinking Alllowed” series which is filled with his interviews of leading researchers on a wide variety of topics. It was there that I first read about a man by the name of Arthur Young. Arthur was the inventor of the first commercially licensed helicopter and the author of one of the only books that I have read multiple times because it is filled with so many profound ideas.

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