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Many years ago one of my Internet searches somehow landed me on the personal web-site of Nobel prize winner Brian Josephson. On his site he made reference to misrepresentations made by a certain magazine about the legitimacy of studies of the paranormal. He made mention of a book titled, “The Conscious Universe”, by Dean Radin. I was intrigued and bought and read the book. It’s a great introduction into the subject of the paranormal for someone who knows nothing about the paranormal and therefore believes that there is no substance to it (that describes me at that time quite perfectly). In the book, Radin describes a government funded program that was done at Stanford Research Institute. It seems the CIA wanted to know if clairvoyance could be used to “see” distant strategically important locations. They were using an experimental method called “Remote Viewing” to do so. He told the story of a “remote viewer” by the name of Pat Price who was given only the longitude and latitude coordinates of an unknown site somewhere on the other side of the world, and was then asked to describe what he “saw” there. Pat leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes, was silent for a minute…then said, ” I am lying on my back on the roof of a two or three story brick building. It’s a sunny day. The sun feels good. There’s the most amazing thing. There’s a giant gantry crane moving back and forth over my head…As I drift up in the air and look down, it seems to be riding on a track with one rail on each side of the building. I’ve never seen anything like that.” Pat then made a little sketch of the layout of the buildings and the crane. A short while later, the CIA provided SRI with a drawing they themselves had made from satellite photography of those same longitude and latitude coordinates given to Pat Price. The drawing showed the super-secret Soviet atomic bomb laboratory at Semipalatinsk, where they were also testing particle beam weapons. The drawings clearly show exactly what Pat Price had described…a huge crane on tracks with one rail on each side of a building.(both drawings are shown in Radins book). O.K…I was hooked and had to know more.

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