It’s a boy

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A couple of years ago, this ideogram made in multiple passes (one ideogram drawn on top of the other) was used to determine the sex of a baby in the womb before that information was known. I drew all of the ideograms without looking at the paper. If you look at the ideogram as its being drawn, you may get the analytical mind involved in the process and if that happens, you will end up with an idiot-gram:-)… The analytical mind can not see the target but it wants to be in charge so it will throw up a guess.

This is the resulting ideogram after all passes

Going back and now using the analytical mind to do something it is good at we look at the combined ideograms and see that one of the ideograms shows something interesting and related to our question.

boy plumbing
Looks like boy plumbing to me

We see that another of the ideograms also shows something interesting:

boy plumbing
REALLY Looks like boy plumbing to me

The combination of all the ideograms looks like a partial view of a pregnant woman as seen looking down from above:

boy plumbing
Looks like a pregnant woman to me

Even more interesting is that one of the ideograms ends as if pointing at her pregnant belly to tell us “It’s a boy”.

boy plumbing
Pointing at the womens womb

The only way this could happen is if:

1. The level of consciousness drawing the ideograms knows in advance how many passes are going to be made and plans the drawing accordingly.

2. It is able to see and control where the ideograms are drawn on the paper. Results vary depending on the same factors that impact remote viewing results in general.

It was while reading a book by Deborah Koff-Chapin titled “Drawing out your soul” that the idea was born in my mind of trying to draw multiple ideograms for a remote viewing target in the same manner that an artist paints with multiple strokes to create a picture. I reasoned that if human beings were capable of painting beautiful pictures by drumming with their finger tips on the back-side of paper placed on an inked surface then perhaps we could draw multi-layered ideograms that would convey MORE target information as well. It turns out that we can do that.

We really shouldn’t be too surprised that things work this way. We know that remote viewing itself works at a level of consciousness which functions outside of the limits of time and space. Its that same level of mind that can draw multi-leveled ideograms that all work together to convey target related information. This is just another tool that a remote viewer may or not choose to use.

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