Let it Be

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I’ve had other experiences where another level of consciousness starts talking without the everyday waking consciousness being aware. Perhaps most people do…where you first start talking, then notice that you are talking, and then have to listen to what you are saying so that you can hear what is being said. One such occasion happened to me after spending most of the night awake in a state of turmoil regarding some seemingly unsolvable personal matters that I was facing. I finally got up in the morning and was heading into the shower when I noticed myself saying over and over, “There will be an answer, let it be”. I had to think about it for a minute. Where had I heard those words before? Then I remembered that the words were from a Beatles song. I had never paid much attention to that particular song before but apparently this other level of consciousness of mine is a Beatles fan. I googled the song and found out that Paul McCartney wrote the song after having a dream about his mother, Mary McCartney. He too was going through a tense period in his life and in his dream, his mother came to him and said, “It will be alright, just let it be”. Since that time, the song has become a favorite of my waking consciousness too and I listen to it often. Those can be wise words for times of trouble…Let it be.

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