Let there be matter

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What is man? The popular dogma of the day says that the origin of man is due to a bunch of molecules that randomly bounced around over eons of time until by chance they became a living thing.  My question is…why stop with molecules? Molecules are made of atoms and atoms are made of nuclear particles and nuclear particles are made of light. To be precise, man is made of light…not molecules. And light has proven to be strange stuff. At the speed of light time stops and the mass of an object traveling that fast becomes infinite. Sounds like the math is trying to tell us something doesn’t it? Light entangles with itself and remains connected across space and time. The speed of light is constant and inseparably connected to its “observer”. Matter has been created from light in the lab and it takes a tremendous amount of energy to do so. Millions of trillions of watts are required to make the tiniest particle of matter. Princeton physicist Kirk McDonald says “even if all of the suns power could be focused there still wouldn’t be enough energy to make even one ounce of matter”. Just for rounding purposes though, let’s say that it takes all the light of the sun to create one ounce of matter. The sun produces about 385 sextillion killowatts of light energy. A sextillion is a billion trillion. At the price my local power company charges per killowatt for electricity, it would cost roughly 27 billion trillion dollars to create one ounce of matter. Since there are only about 60 trillion dollars worth of money in the whole world, that would mean that a single hair of your head is made of more energy than could be bought with all the money in the world. What is man?. .well, he’s 432 billion trillion dollars worth of “frozen light” per pound 🙂

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  1. PJ Says:

    Hmmn. (Got this blog link at TKR.)

    I recently had an 'insight,' a piece of which related to light. It went:

    Somethingness, which we will call light (the ancient concept-word’s true meaning), is the only fundamental, the ‘source.’

    Light is not energy. Rather, energy is an emergent property of light.

    What humans can measure and define via their biology and physics has no part of this. Humans have it backward. We think light is part of a certain larger spectrum of energy. That thing is only “luminosity visible to the human biological filter” within a spectrum of energy (a spectrum which is far greater than what humans can measure or even hypothesize). Light, in the true sense of the word, is something else. It is, in essence, something-ness. Source, as we know it.

    In this more appropriate definition of the term, there is light without energy. There is no energy without light.

    Once I read this guy who was talking about how everything in our reality is actually the sun. Everything is based on energy (money is little pieces of sun) and everything is manifested energy (my guitar is a singing piece of sun). I kinda liked that model for it.

  2. Mcyolic Says:

    Someone should write a song about guitars being made of light. American Idol here I come…not.

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