Letting Go

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I once read that some of the best lucid dreams are experienced by letting go rather than by forcing your own agenda. I got the opportunity to test that theory one day and in so doing experienced one of my favorite lucid dreams of all time. My body awakened me early one Saturday morning for the usual bladder drain (Heah…I drink a lot of Dr. Pepper 🙂 ). After the bathroom visit I went back to bed and drifted off to sleep after affirming for a few moments my intention to become lucid within my dreams. When it comes to lucid dreaming…intention is everything. I did in fact become lucid within the dream state and decided to just let go and see where the dream would take me. I no sooner had that thought than I suddenly found myself standing on the stairway in a house I had lived in many years previously. In front of me on the stairway and crawling up the steps ahead of me, was my son “D” who had been about a year old when I lived in that house. He was wearing only a disposable diaper which swished and crackled as he climbed up the steps ahead of me on all fours. I followed him up the steps and when he reached the top of the landing, I goosed him in the butt. He rolled over on his back giggling and I proceeded to tickle him on his bare tummy. At that very moment I was suddenly awakened and beckoned back to the “real” world with the sound of my daughters voice. She had come into my room and was saying, ” Dad, “D” just called from the Airport and he’s going to solo this morning. He wants to know if you want to go up and watch him” . Well, “D” was now about twenty years old and was enrolled in flying lessons. I dressed and quickly drove up to the airport and watched ‘D” fly solo that day. It was a BIG day and a very special and memorable one for both “D” and for me. I hadn’t known that “D” was going to be soloing that day. I hadn’t known that this was going to be a big “D” day…but then… some part of the mind DID know didn’t it?

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