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For Christmas this past year, my daughter decided to try to buy me a book on remote viewing. She went to Barnes and Noble and asked them if they had any books on remote viewing. The clerk told her to look in the “magic” section. I laughed when she told me that, but I think she was actually lucky that the clerk didn’t say “huh…what’s that?”. Those who know little about the subject tend to think it’s some sort of magic. Those who know the subject would put remote viewing books in the “martial arts” section. The largest remote viewing site on the internet actually runs a “dojo” where people come to practice and compete against each other. Remote Viewing is not a religion. It’s not a mystical belief system. It has no dogma. People of all religious persuasions (or none) are involved with the “art” just as they are with skills such as “karate” or “judo”. Like judo or karate, there are those who are naturally gifted but anyone can learn to play. Learning remote viewing is all about learning more about our potential as human beings. The magic of remote viewing is that those who do learn, find out that we humans are far more than we ever imagined.

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