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Many people have heard of Upton Sinclair. He was a Pulitizer Prize winning author who wrote over 90 books. He’s probably best remembered for his book, “The Jungle” which exposed the horrid conditions in the U.S. meat packing industry. His book caused such an uproar, that within months, the Pure Food and Drug Act and The Meat Inspection Act were passed by congress. He has been featured on the cover of Time magazine, which called him “a man with every gift except humor and silence”. What few people know is that Upton Sinclair also wrote a book about telepathy, called “Mental Radio”. I don’t think he really wanted to write the book, but it so happened that his wife, Mary Craig Sinclair, was a very gifted psychic who wanted Upton to help her understand her abilities better. Together they performed hundreds of experiments and the book is the result. Mary Craig described her methodology thus:

“The kind of concentration I mean is putting the attention on one object…and holding it there steadily. It isn’t thinking; it is inhibiting thought….Give your body a “suggestion” to the effect that you will relax your mind and your body, making the body insensitive and the mind blank. ….You want a message from the person who is sending you a message; you do not want a train of subconscious day dreams. The subconscious answers questions, and its answers are always false; its answers come quietly like a thief in the night. But the “other” mind, the “deep” mind, answers questions too, and these answers come with gladness and conviction….These two minds seem different from each other. One lies and rambles; the other sings and is truthful.”

I don’t think anyone has ever described the process more beautifully.The preface to the book was written by none other than Albert Einstein.

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