Nobel prize winner says DNA can teleport between test tubes

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Scientists are freaking out that one of their own could be saying this but once you realize that the universe is more mind than it is matter…it’s doesn’t seem so far fetched. My day of “realization” that the universe is more mind than matter came while remote viewing.  My wife had chosen a target for me and sealed it in an envelope which she then placed on top of the refrigerator. From where I sat across the room, I couldn’t even see the envelope on top of the refrigerator but somehow my mind was able to reach across the intervening space, see through the envelope and describe with great accuracy the target within the sealed envelope. As I sat and thought about what had just happened, I suddenly had one of those “knowing” moments (which are impossible to describe). The only thing that was real was mind. The room, the space in it, the refrigerator, the envelope…they were the illusion.

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