Out of the blue

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This target shows another example of the “something more” type of ideogram I mentioned in the previous post. I’m seeing these types of “ideograms” (if we want to call them that) show up in my remote viewing practice on an ever increasing basis.

Chillingham Castle

The target ended up being Chillingham Castle. The target description from Atlas Obscura (the source of the target) reads “this castle bills itself as the “most haunted castle” in the country”

The first two ideograms are what I would classify as “typical” ideograms

But then out of the blue a form appeared in the third ideogram that looks more like a figure drawing of a human with arms outstretched and immediately gave me the thought of “looks like a ghost…boo!”

As a side note…the best way that I have found to beat “the Naggar” (the namer and guesser) when looking at ideograms that have evolved into actual drawings (its pretty hard to go by feel alone when the ideogram LOOKS like the object it represents) is to go with the very first impression that pops into your mind. Upon seeing the ideogram there is a brief moment before the analytical mind starts to analyze the drawing where “The Muse” (this is the term I will use henceforth for the level of consciousness that can do remote viewing) slips in the true meaning. The Muse is simply quicker than the analytical mind 🙂

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