Out of the blue

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This target shows another example of the “something more” type of ideogram I mentioned in the previous post. I’m seeing these types of “ideograms” (if we want to call them that) show up in my remote viewing practice on an ever increasing basis.

Chillingham Castle

The target ended up being Chillingham Castle. The target description from Atlas Obscura (the source of the target) reads “this castle bills itself as the “most haunted castle” in the country”

The first two ideograms are what I would classify as “typical” ideograms

But then out of the blue a form appeared in the third ideogram that looks more like a figure drawing of a human with arms outstretched and immediately gave me the thought of “looks like a ghost…boo!”

As a side note…the best way that I have found to beat “the Naggar” (the namer and guesser) when looking at ideograms that have evolved into actual drawings (its pretty hard to go by feel alone when the ideogram LOOKS like the object it represents) is to go with the very first impression that pops into your mind. Upon seeing the ideogram there is a brief moment before the analytical mind starts to analyze the drawing where “The Muse” (this is the term I will use henceforth for the level of consciousness that can do remote viewing) slips in the true meaning. The Muse is simply quicker than the analytical mind 🙂

Kalavryta Memorial

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kalavryta memorial ideograms
What is show above is one of the spontaneous multi-layered ideograms drawn for this target. I duplicated the ideogram and placed it on the right side with color highlighting on certain areas of interest. At some point I think that “ideograms” cease being strictly “ideograms” and start to be something more.

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Kilroy was here

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Kilroy Was Here - Washington DC WWII Memorial.jpg
By Luis Rubio from Alexandria, VA, USA – Kilroy was here, CC BY 2.0, Link

kilroy was here

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Kilroy just made an appearance in one of my ideograms 🙂

Man is made only of non-man elements

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“You are full of the cosmos but you are empty of a separate self”
~Thich Nhat Hanh

There’s more to life than fighting for fish heads.

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Johnathan Livingston Seagull.jpg
By Source, Fair use, Link

Here’s a great book to read which is very applicable to the process of learning to do remote viewing or any other endeavor where the boundaries of human potential are being pushed forward. The author, Richard Bach, was also an early supporter of remote viewing and even gave it a successful try himself.

I have a great memory of reading this book out loud to my mother while riding in the car as we drove back home from the city where we had just purchased the book. It’s a short read and I had finished reading the book to her before we arrived home. 🙂

Touching the water

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boy in water

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The notion of mind and matter

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Thich Nhat Hanh 12 (cropped)

“Without mind there is no objects of mind. Without objects of mind there is no mind. The notion of mind and matter should be removed.”

“Mind is like the left and body is the right. You cannot have the left without the right.”

“Mind is a kind of body and body is a kind of mind.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Hands in Pockets

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I’ve been using the National Geographic photo of the day for remote viewing practice for several years now (and I have posted many examples to this blog). National Geographic had (until recently) built up a community of over one million photographers who have been uploading photos from around the world into their “Your Shot” program. From that pool of photos, National Geographic chose their photo of the day each day.

As of Oct 31, 2019, National Geographic has terminated that program and deleted most of the millions of photos that have been uploaded. It’s an incalculable loss for the world as these millions of beautiful photos showing the world through the camera lens of over a million + different photographers around the world is now lost.

National Geographic has advised their former community of photographers to now post their photos to the National Geographic Instagram page (but most will not do so for obvious reasons).

Here is the last “National Geographic Photo of the Day” remote viewing target I will do (although I may post some more of the many hundreds of these targets I have done in the past :-). It’s dawning on me that linking to sources on the internet can not be used to build any kind of permanent record as these links tend to come and go.

I feel a great tremor in the force as if a million photographers suddenly cried out and were silenced.

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I thought the ideogram that showed a life form extending their arm into something was interesting. That something ended up being the pockets on the subject persons coat.

Ulaanbaatar City
By Brücke-OsteuropaOwn work, Public Domain, Link
Here’s another photo of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, courtesy of Wikipedia showing the city shown in the target photo

A place by the river

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cenotaphs of orchha

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Cat like creature lying down

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Great Sphinx of Giza - 20080716a
Apparently “the puppy” found the Sphinx to be more interesting. 🙂