Photographs are like time machines

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Since my memory is fading fast due to old age :)…here’s another of my favorite lucid dreams which I want to record before I forget it. Prior to having this dream, I had read an essay written by my daughter wherein she wrote about photographs and how they are like time machines because they can take us back to re-live special moments in our lives. She had written about a photograph that she has of herself as a small girl playing on the beach. She said that when she looked at that photograph she could still feel the warm sand under her feet, hear the seagulls flying overhead, smell the sea breeze, and feel the excitement of running and playing on the beach. In my dream, I was back working with my father in the family business (my father and mother had, at the time of this dream long since passed away). We were doing some remodeling and were going through some old papers. My father found a photograph of my mother as a small girl (perhaps 6 or 7) and showed it to me. As I looked at her picture I was somehow transported back to the time and place where the picture was taken. I also remembered the essay and it caused me to become lucid within the dream. I found myself walking down the hall of an old building. The walls were painted blue. I entered a room and saw my Grandmother, Grandfather, my mother as a small girl of perhaps 6 or 7 and several of her brothers and sisters posing for a photographer who was about to take their picture. My grandmother looked just as she had in pictures I have seen of her when she was in her 30’s. My grandfather had a mustache…something which I’d never known him to have. The photographer snapped the picture and my mother (doing what 6 year olds do) then ran off towards the hallway. My Grandmother told Nina to go after her. Nina is one of my mothers older sisters. She would have been about 9 or 10 at the time. She looked 9 or 10 in my dream and was tall and skinny with short dark hair. My mothers hair was lighter and longer. Anyway, being lucid in the dream, I decided to follow my mother and see what she was doing. I walked down the blue painted hallway towards her and could tell that she was singing a little song to her self. I couldn’t make out the words but as I got closer, she looked up at me continuing to sing her little song and as here eyes met mine, I heard the words, “because I love you so”. She was just a little girl singing a song to herself and appeared to have no idea who I was. I however knew who she was and it startled me a bit to hear her softly singing, “because I love you so” as her gaze locked with mine. I managed to say, “Hi, you are a very pretty little girl”. She smiled at me and I woke up. I need to go pay a visit to my Aunt Nina who is still living . I’d like to see if she has any old family photographs taken when she was about 9 or 10 🙂

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