Remote Viewing the Beaver Utah UFO

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I did a few ideograms with the objective of identifying the shape of the Beaver Utah UFO discussed in the above video by Richard Dolan. Numerous videos concerning this event appear on Youtube at this time. My results seem to indicate that the object was at least “shaped” like a bird as these are exactly the types of ideograms I typically get with birds.

beaver utah ufo

As a side note, something which I’ve noticed hundreds of times while doing multi-layered ideograms is that often a single object will appear in the ideograms drawn as multiple pieces. In this case, the top ideogram shows a body of a bird but the head of a bird appears in a separate ideogram which was drawn a few seconds later. It’s sort of like taking a puzzle of an object, separating the pieces and then throwing them out hap-haphazardly on the table. Its an interesting phenomenon and may be caused by the fact that the impulse which creates an ideogram contains far more information than can be drawn in a single reflexive action of the hand.

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