Rift Valley Aliens

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Here’s a target where the puppy did some roaming

I never saw the cheetahs or as Yoda would say “Lost the cheetahs Master Obi-Wanna-be has. How embarrassing”

Anyway…after looking at the target photo I checked to see where the photo was taken and it turns out that it was taken at Masai Mara, Rift Valley Kenya.

Photograph Info

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Well the cheetahs are lying next to each other so that aligns with “lifeforms connected joined”. They also may be on top of a plateau but that is an unknown…I never saw any cheetahs in my remote viewing of this target.

but I had a nice visual of a waterfall…

As it turns out there are nice waterfalls at Masai Mara

Very nice waterfalls at Masai Mara

And I also had a nice visual of a deep canyon which was shown to me like a time lapse sequence as I could see the river at the bottom being at various levels over time

Rift Valley Kenya

And I was also shown a very VERY deep shaft running into the ground… the sides of which were constructed of what looked like very smooth metal. At the bottom the shaft makes a 90 degree turn. When my puppy looked around the bend, it ran directly into a life form with a pear shaped head and big eyes who obviously wasn’t from anywhere around here.

This lifeform appeared to sense my presence and seemed as surprised to see me as I was to see it. At this point my puppy decided it would be a good idea to high tail it out of there 🙂

PS: a day later while doing another target, I suddenly had a bilocation experience where I found myself looking out the window of some sort of craft as it descended towards a landing area/base/facility of some sort which was in total darkness except for numerous green lights below which were shining up..some of them as focused beams of light. After about 3 seconds I was suddenly snapped back.

Was this related to the pear head in the shaft experience? Who knows. My personal philosophy when remote viewing these types of things is to neither believe nor disbelieve them because without feedback its impossible to know whether you were remote viewing or just being very creative ;-). Until feedback arrives (which is unlikely) this remote viewing session remains on the shelf marked “WTF!.

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