Shroud of Turin

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Photo above is a screen capture of a Skype conversation I had with my son who wanted to test me on a target of his choosing. All he gave me was the number ” 432175″

After a few days I gave him my summary of what I thought the target was. I said, “The target seems to involve a human lifeform which is located in a hilly or mountain type setting with rounded mound type natural formations. The human has moved a stone or found a cave or crevice into the earth and has found or retrieved an artifact or artifacts. The artifact appears to have historical, religious or even angelic meaning and may involve a culture or persons now long deceased”.

His target ended up being the Shroud of Turin.

Below are scans of some of the raw remote viewing data used to come up with that summary.

cavarn should have been spelled “cavern” 🙂

At one point, I sensed a very bright blue light emanating from something in an otherwise dark cave like enclosure

I sensed a golden light surrounding what I took to be an angelic being because this being was floating in the air

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