Something More Fundamental.

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Here’s an interesting article. Science is now questioning whether the whole universe may be held together by “spooky action at a distance” otherwise known as “quantum entanglement”.  The article states, “If you probe geometry at scales comparable to the Planck scale” — the shortest possible distance—“it looks less and less like space-time”…. “It’s not really geometry anymore. It’s something else, an emergent thing [that arises] from something more fundamental.” Science has found that quantum entanglement is not a tangible physical property, so in essence, what science is really questioning here is whether the Universe is held together by “nonphysical” connections. As a thought experiment, consider some of the synonyms for the word “nonphysical“. )  In so doing, we begin to sense something of the nature of this  “something more fundamental” which is holding our Universe together.

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