Stephan Ossoweicki

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One of the chapters in “The Secret Vaults of Time” mentioned in my previous post is about a man by the name of Stephan Ossoweicki. In all of my years of looking into the subject,I have to say that Stephan wins the award (so far) for being the most gifted of all persons that I have encountered in his ability to connect to this undivided universe of ours. As a child he could see peoples auras. He mentioned this to his mother, who promptly took him to the eye doctor. He said that the eye drops that were prescribed stung his eyes but did not diminish his gift. He was part of a wealthy Polish family and as a young man discovered that he could move objects with his mind. One time, during a party at his home, he allowed himself to be tied up in a straight jacket and was then laid in the center of the floor. While all present looked on, He succeeded in moving a large grandfather clock several feet across the floor toward him (much to the shock and awe of those watching). Later on (by chance …if there is such a thing) he met a Jewish mystic who had spent his life in India seeking hidden knowledge. This man trained Stephan to move from the conscious to what he called the “superconscious” state. In this state of mind, Stephan was able to move through time and space like a psychic time traveler. He could move about and describe locations and events as if he were there present. It is said that Stephan used his abilities to help thousands of people locate their loved ones (living or dead) during the chaos of World War Two. Many interesting archeological experiments were done with him ( by men whose names can still be found in encyclopedias according to the book) and the results of several of those experiments are in the book. On one occassion, the fabulously wealthy Rothschild family came to Stephan seeking help to find some very important documents (stocks or bond certificates?) which had been stolen from them. Stephan described to them how the documents had been stolen by the daughter of one of their butlers. He described the exact location where they were then hidden. Apparently, the Rothschild’s found them exactly where Stephen said they would be. In appreciation, they sent him a blank check to fill in for any amount which he felt appropriate. He declined to do so, saying that he didn’t use his gift to make money. Think how valuable a man like Stephan would have been to any government. The germans didn’t know that however and rounded him up one day along with a bunch of other men and shot him down in a mass execution. His body was never found (something which Stephan himself had predicted).

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