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Ponte Romano di Rieti - dalla riva, 2
The Target

Something else I’ve discovered about Ideograms is that often “the muse” (my name for the level of consciousness that draws them) will only draw half of a symmetrical object. If you look at the brown colored area of the multi-layered ideogram above it shows half of a bridge. I merely copied it below and then mirrored it over to add the missing symmetrical section and then I named it “bridge”. The other areas of the ideogram showing a wavy medium (colored in blue) running under the half bridge, arch shapes (colored in red) typical of bridges, and an observer (colored in pink) looking at the scene each added support that this target was probably a bridge. I then did a couple visuals and saw a river running through a city. At that point I decided that the target had something to do with a bridge.

As an aside, I will mention that I have never practiced ideogram drills and have never tried to create a lexicon of ideogram symbols. I let the muse draw freely and I (the ego mind) try to get out of the way. I do not think that ideogram drills or lexicons are necessarily a bad thing. I simply have never done them. The use of drills and lexicons does remind me of watching my granddaughter learn to draw. She has a whole bunch of drawing books that show how to draw various elements which she practices and imitates which without a doubt have helped her to become a better artist. In the end though she still draws freely. It is the same with remote viewing. In the end you have to forget trying to control “the muse” and let things flow freely.

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