The answer is in the mirror

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I ran into this article recently which describes the results of a certain quantum physics related experiment. Notice the last line of the article, “In some sense quantum events are independent of space and time”. That’s an interesting statement considering that the dictionary definition of an “event” (at least so far as physics is concerned) is this:
“A phenomenon or occurrence located at a single point in space-time”.  But…but…but…didn’t we just say that quantum events are somehow “INDEPENDENT” of space and time? If so, then how can one occur at “a single point in space-time”?  Wouldn’t that make them DEPENDENT on said space and time? Yes, I think it would. Do you begin to see what the problem is? Matter (our material realm)  requires space and time in order to exist (stand out) but matter at its most basic level is made of particles which operate outside of that “material” universe.  Does it sound like we are talking about “mind” here?  Paradoxically, the conscious mind struggles with the concept of a thing existing outside space and time (whilst the deep mind which does remote viewing has no problem with that concept at all)? We don’t even have the vocabulary for discussing it properly. The one place (WARNING!-space-time limited vocabulary alert!) we are all familiar with which operates outside (WARNING!-space-time limited vocabulary alert!) space and time is within (WARNING!-space-time limited vocabulary alert!) consciousness itself  (WARNING!  “itself” has NO meaning in this place without space or time ). I fail to describe this place outside space and time :-). So many of our words have no meaning there. I have an idea though…I shall call this place “The Undivided” 🙂 because I see now that every thing is actually made of just one thing. Most of our human vocabulary is basically the equivalent of having poured sea water into tens of thousands of little bottles and then labeled them all with different names as if they were each somehow different. The form changes but the substance is all the same. The closer we look at the fabric of reality, the less real this fabric appears to be. It begins to fade away into the substance of  dreams.

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