The fragrance of a whisper

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William Tillers experiments (mentioned in the last post) show that our “intentions” leave an imprint on the “space” in which they are focused. If those “intentions” are focused repeatedly on that same space, the condition becomes permanent and the laws of physics in that space no longer operate as they did before. According to Tiller, the “space” being acted upon by intention is the space known as “the vacuum” which lies between the particles, atoms, molecules,planets, stars and galaxies of the universe. But this vacuum is not empty. It is full of  potential energy…a whole lot of energy. About 10 ^ 94th power grams per cubic centimeter to be precise. Within the “space”  in a single hydrogen atom is contained a trillion times more energy than is found in all the physical stars and planets out to a radius of  20 billion light years. It is this unfathomably immense energy that our intentions interact with. The physical universe that we see is an almost incomprehensibly minuscule part of the whole. Matter as we know it is as Tiller puts it, “hardly a fragrance of a whisper”. Does that say anything to you about the potential of human consciousness?

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