The illusion of separation

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Most of us have come to believe that we are separate from each other and divided from the rest of the universe by space and time. This is an illusion. We each see ourselves as being just one person…one identity (well most of us see things that way :-), but we are each made of about 100 trillion cells which are themselves individual living units. It’s a known fact that cells communicate with each other. They may know something of the world that surrounds them, but like us can’t see the whole of which they are a part.

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  1. PJ Says:

    You might like this:

    But I warn you my blog is probably unsettling (or just boring) for most folks, since it's mostly about cosmology, identity, archetype meditations (on everything from mundania to tarot) etc.

    I read this post of yours because I have made references to spiritual evolution 'removing the illusion of separation,' and I was interested to see the same phrase on your blog.

  2. Mcyolic Says:

    I'm already considered weird by my family so your blog will be right up my alley. I was just thinking the other day that a good definition of our times would be "The age of illusion". We've perfected the art of illusion in so many areas. Our politicians are particularly good at it 🙂 Someday we may be forced to wake up though.

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