The Roundabout at John Browns Farm

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Below is the first page of a recent remote viewing session I did. At the bottom are some photos of the site taken from Google Earth

Click to view the target photos at Atlas Obscura

The roundabout does not appear in the target photos. Out of curiosity, I looked at the site using google earth and the coordinates of 44.2500, -73.9718 provided by Atlas Obscura and found that a roundabout with a statue in the middle of it is indeed present at the target site.

The question arises, “did I see the roundabout because in the future I would look for it?”.

Some think that this is the way remote viewing works.

If the roundabout hadn’t showed up in my remote viewing session in the past then I would never have looked for it in the future. I’ve done hundreds of targets where the session revealed things not shown in the target photos and which I never took the time to investigate to see if they really were there at the site so its difficult to see how feedback in the future caused them to appear in my sessions in the past when I have never received that feedback. Some of my most detailed and data filled sessions have been targets for which I have never received any feedback at all. This has left me to believe that although feedback is necessary to learn remote viewing, it can actually introduce a lot of unwanted noise into a remote viewing session. When we walk out into the street and look around we do not need a later session of feedback to determine if what we saw was real.

It may be time to admit that Time is made only of non-time elements 🙂

Time Is Made Only of Non-Time Elements from Plum Village Online Monastery on Vimeo.

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