The shadow lands

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What things may a person do to improve accuracy in remote viewing? I’ve decided to do a few posts about that subject. These things work for me but whether they will work for you, is of course for you to determine. My bet is that they will. Number one is what I call “living in the cutting edge of the moment”. Children tend to live there naturally but somewhere on our journey through life, many if not most of us become separated from “the truth” and we begin to live in the future or the past more than we do the cutting edge of the moment. And it is a cutting edge because it exists only on that thin line which “lives” between the past and the future. The past and the future are shadow lands (Fantasy Lands might be a better term 🙂 inhabited by the “unreal” and your remote viewing results will also tend to be filled with “the unreal” if you are habituated to living in the shadow lands. To connect to “the real”, you must condition yourself to “live” in the now. Try it and you may find that it is at first difficult to stay in the now. The tendency is to quickly drift back into the shadow lands. Only with much concentration and practice will you once again (as you did as a child) be able to live in the cutting edge of the moment….the only “true” place in the universe.The level of consciousness that “remote views” lives there and there only. You must go there to join it. The great mystery is that the “true” past and the “true” future live there as well…in the cutting edge of the moment. The past, present and future are undivided.

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