The Sum of our Fears

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”  Why, you may take the most gallant sailor, the most intrepid airman or the most audacious soldier, put them at a table together – what do you get? The sum of their fears.”

Winston Churchill

Remote viewing works that way too. In his book, “The Secret Vaults of Time”, Stephan Schwartz tells about George McMullen, a psychic who had very special abilities and who used those abilities often to find and precisely mark the contours of archaeological sites. George once said that, “From my earliest childhood I knew that I had abilities that were not common to most people. As a young child I could pick up an object and by just holding it I’d know who made the object, where the object came from and who had owned the object. I’d also know about the owners of the object; where and how they had lived, whether they were still alive or had died and the manner of their death. I could also foretell events, such as the illness or deaths of close friends and relatives. I could also “just know” certain things about people and often these were things that people didn’t want others to know. I learned very early to keep my observations of objects and people to myself. While I was loved by my family and friends they didn’t understand my abilities (nor did I fully understand them myself at the time). I was often punished for saying things I shouldn’t have, teased for my wild imagination and sometimes feared for what seemed (especially to my religiously devout mother) to be an unholy ability to know things I shouldn’t“.  As a young boy, McMullen once foretold the death of a boy who subsequently died in a drowning accident. When the pastor of his church learned of his prediction, McMullen was forced to the front of his church congregation and openly chastised for cavorting with the devil. The interesting result of that was that George McMullen who was often precise within inches in marking the contours of ancient ruins lying below the surface; never saw the contours of any structures lying below that had been used as churches or chapels. Though unconscious of doing so, his mind edited them out as if they had never been.  I find that quite interesting…that a seemingly omnipotent level of consciousness cannot penetrate the veil created by the sum of our fears. It has been said that fear is the slayer of the real. No doubt that is also why remote viewing the future is so difficult. The sum of our fears both individual and collective lie out there like great bonfires in the darkness… drawing us away from the truth.

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