Things to do in Sequoia National Park

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The Tunnel Log in Sequoia National Park

So the target was some glowing millipedes in Sequoia National Park but for some reason I went to the tunnel log in Sequoia National Park instead. The puppy dog effect strikes again. On a personal level, I would rather go to the tunnel log than see the millipedes. 🙂

This reminds me of another target I once did. I found myself floating above some clouds at night. I could see the glow of a large city shining up through the clouds which I was headed towards and starting to descend into (as an aside, my kids have asked me if I tend to float over remote viewing targets often because I am a pilot and have been for many decades. I have lots of aerial imagery in my mental library to make use if that is so. Personally, I say “why walk when you can fly” :-). Anyway, I said to myself “The target must be down in that city”. In that instant I suddenly snapped to a new location. I found myself on a mountain top somewhere. I could hear a stream babbling nearby. It was a nice quiet place and I said to myself “this would be a good place to meditate”. When I looked at the target photo it was one taken at night of a street vendor in Beijing, China selling all manner of fried bugs and scorpions on little wooden sticks.

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