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Roots of Knowledge stained glass installation at the Fulton Library at Utah Valley University
Roots of Knowledge stained glass installation at the Fulton Library at Utah Valley_University

This is a page of stage two data from a remote viewing target that ended up being a panel of stained glass (Panel D3 – Seeds of Civilization) at the Roots of Knowledge stained glass display at Utah Valley University.

If you don’t know what “stage two” is, then you can download this manual on CRV remote viewing that Daz Smith has been kind enough to put together and learn all about it.

All of the impressions and sensations for this target were (for me) the same as if the target was an actual place rather than a stained glass panel of art.

In fact I would go so far as to say that the sensations were more visceral than they tend to be when I am remote viewing an actual real physical place.

This has happened numerous times to me with similar types of targets (pieces of art, religious sites and relics, places and objects that have been viewed by many people and typically viewed with some kind of feeling or emotion) and I have come to conclude that this may be happening because every person that looks at, observes or thinks about any object also adds their feelings and thoughts to it. They become attached to it and part of it in some strange way. The thoughts and feelings projected onto this object from all of the conscious observers who have observed it have cumulatively caused its “presence” to grow within psychic space. That tells us something important about both the nature of remote viewing and the nature of consciousness.

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