Traveling without moving

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The scientific confirmations of quantum theory are coming hot and fast these days. Here is another article showing how matter can travel without moving.

From the article:

“A very interesting paradox arises, because electron velocity during tunneling may become greater than the speed of light. However, this does not contradict the special theory of relativity, as the tunneling velocity is also imaginary” said Dr Ivanov

So if the velocity of the electron is greater than the speed of light, then the electron is “traveling” by passing through a realm where space and time do no exist. It is traveling without moving…which of course qualifies as “imaginary” travel :-). This actually reminds me of remote viewing wherein consciousness seemingly moves through a realm where space and time do no exist in order to describe targets past, present, and future and without regard to distance. Now it would appear that science has confirmed that the same thing occurs during electron tunneling.

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