What does it all mean?

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The question of what exactly Remote viewing means, is (for me) the most interesting question of all. Remote Viewing demonstrates that consciousness is primary…not time, not space…not matter. It’s hard to explain exactly what I mean by that, but let’s take the example of a person and their voice. The person is primary, not their voice. The voice comes from the person, not the person from the voice. No person…no voice. That is what I mean about consciousness being primary. When I say “consciousness”, I’m referring to that particular consciousness which is accessed when Remote Viewing. It is the consciousness that observes you observing. It’s the ever present witness who sees the tree fall in the dark forest and the tiny sparrow drop from the sky. It does answer many questions however…certain “unexplainable” observations of quantum physics for instance…but it adds more questions than it answers. Aaaaaaaahh well…Knowledge always brings with it more questions than it answers. Is “consciousness”the fabric from which reality is made? I don’t know…but then I learned a long time ago that none of us are yet quite awake

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