You can’t go home again

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My next discovery was a book written by Jim Schnabel called, ” Remote Viewers, The secret history of America’s Psychic Spies”. I read it well over ten years ago and it remains one of my favorite books on the subject. If you read only one book on Remote Viewing…read this one. It’s interesting and telling that most of the original military remote viewers and those associated with the program in other ways have never been able to let go. To experience the reality of Remote Viewing is a life changing event. Duane Elgin (a remote viewer talked about in Schnabels book) perhaps said it best ” Once you discover that space doesn’t matter, or that time can be traveled through at will so that time doesn’t matter, and that matter can be moved by consciousness so that matter doesn’t matter–well, you can’t go home again. That’s your warning. Quit now if you like things as they are. If you do your homework on this subject…you won’t be going home again either.

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