There is so much that we don’t know

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We look in the mirror, but we really have not begun to comprehend who and what is staring back

I wish I could show you

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I wish I could show you all how beautiful you are as viewed thru the eyes of my soul.

It’s about Time

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Thich Nhat Hanh 12 (cropped)

“Time is made only of non-time elements”
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Light and Darkness

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I’ve named this blog “The Undivided”…but in truth there IS a great division in the Universe. The division is between light and darkness.
Written below are some thoughts on light and darkness that one of my daughters wrote and sent to me.


Makes you fill “full” yet lifts you up
Makes you feel connected
Makes you feel love for all living things
You feel Peace
You feel and project unconditional love
You’re in sync and in tune
You’re focused outward
You are caring/sharing
You are full of happiness…even euphoria.
Wisdom and understanding
Clear judgments fast, “the speed of light!”, fast as lighting
You feel energetic
You judge no one and no one can make you feel less than you are.
You know your worth.
It’s a warm feeling
You feel whole
Light is creation itself, building on a quantum level
Light is the fabric of our universe, the very substance we are made of.
Beautiful, graceful feeling
Smooth and soft
Life feels like a gift
Melodic and harmonious
A flow
No barriers
Clean, pure feeling
Giving love
Feeling joy
White, bright clear
Singing…a song
You feel love all around you and love regardless of reciprocation.
Truth, honesty
Real and true
Deep and Soulful
You want to take care of yourself and others
Spreads & ripples
Wants you to know your incalculable worth
You are above your human desires.
Teaches with love, peace, understanding
Gentle, Powerful, Patient and Kind
Seeks and chooses to be a warrior of good, for god
Values people and life.
Contemplative, reflective, wise
Seeks to protect others
Eternal, forever, infinite
You live in the moment, you do not feel the need to hoard time.
Using your senses
You are awake & intellectual
You open up, you are empathetic
You feel progression, learning, advancement. “Eternal progression”.
A soul within a body
You feel whole, you feel complete
You feel full of the love you have for others and for life itself.
You have a desire to create, a desire to grow, a desire to nurture.
You know you are in control of your own life and your own happiness.
You feel freedom.
You value life, the journey, the experience
You know what’s important and that “things” are not important.
You see yourself as part of something, part of a team. Working together.
You appreciate others.
When you look at someone, you look deep into their eyes. You see them for who they are.
You know who you are.
You do not fear.
You are sincerely happy for others
The happiness of others makes you happy


Makes you feel empty yet pushes down on you like a heavy weight
Makes you feel alone, isolated and cut off
Makes you feel anger and confusion
Self absorbed
You feel fear, sadness and despair
Hatred & Ignorance
Clouded judgements
It’s slow, it “creeps”.
Slowly it binds you
You feel sluggish and tired
Desire superiority and domination
It’s a cold feeling
You feel broken
Icky feeling
Jagged and rough
Life seems very hard
The absence of light
Painful, disjointed, disruptive
A Barrier
Messy, dirty
Feel needy, helpless
Gray, muddled, cloudy, black
Screaming, crying
Unworthy, unloved
Lies and deception
Binding, trapped
An illusion, fake, shallow
No soul
You are destructive with yourself and others
It spreads and ripples
Disease, infection, virus
Wants to take over, wants to control you, wants you to feel that you are worthless.. like you are nothing.
Uncontrollable desires
Does no teaching but seeks to control.
Uses fear, manipulation and anger.
Blindly impatient and unkind
Does the devils bidding
Values possessions, even treats people as possessions.
You feel powerless
Mindless, impulsive
Seeks to destroy others
Final, Demise, end
Selfish with time
Stress, anxiety.
Does not live in the moment
Does not notice what’s going on around you
Your senses are cut off
No emotion.
You’re cut off.
Frozen, it’s like you are frozen in progression, you may even feel like you’re going backwards.
A shell
You feel unsatisfied, like you need something to fill the void.
You may think that objects can fill this void.
You have a desire to destroy.
The very thought of being anything more than who you are at that moment is exhausting.
You don’t even want to think about trying harder.
You think that you are doing all that you can do.
You blame others for your failures and unhappiness.
You feel restrained, confined, trapped, caged
You want to acquire, possess, obtain.
You just want it all.
You see yourself as working hard by yourself.
You are doing everything all yourself. You don’t see others helping you on your journey.
When you see someone, you look at their clothes, they’re shoes, their hair, how fit they are. You judge them by this.
You probably don’t really make eye contact.
You feel insecure, you feel the need to show your worth.
You think your worth can be determined by your appearance.
You fear loss and pain
Jealous, comparing
The feeling or belief that you are nothing more than a shell…
You make superficial only observe the shell. (Appearance).
The happiness of others makes you unhappy

We battle demons every day. Know your enemy. Your enemy seeks to destroy your very soul.
Stay in the light. Never let go of your light.

What is an ideogram in remote viewing?

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Ideograms can in some ways be thought of as maps which show the flow of energy at a target. Trace your ideograms and try to both see and feel the flow of these energies.

The green overlay shows some of the energy flows of the fish, the blue overlay shows some of the energy flows of the water

Click to view the target

Traveling without moving

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The scientific confirmations of quantum theory are coming hot and fast these days. Here is another article showing how matter can travel without moving.

From the article:

“A very interesting paradox arises, because electron velocity during tunneling may become greater than the speed of light. However, this does not contradict the special theory of relativity, as the tunneling velocity is also imaginary” said Dr Ivanov

So if the velocity of the electron is greater than the speed of light, then the electron is “traveling” by passing through a realm where space and time do no exist. It is traveling without moving…which of course qualifies as “imaginary” travel :-). This actually reminds me of remote viewing wherein consciousness seemingly moves through a realm where space and time do no exist in order to describe targets past, present, and future and without regard to distance. Now it would appear that science has confirmed that the same thing occurs during electron tunneling.

If a tree falls in the forest…

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Here’s another interesting article of yet another scientific experiment in which the results indicate that reality does not exist until it is measured.

From the article:

“If one chooses to believe that the atom really did take a particular path or paths then one has to accept that a future measurement is affecting the atom’s past, said Truscott.”

 Heah…I could accept that 🙂

But science says no, so the conclusion is this:

“The atoms did not travel from A to B. It was only when they were measured at the end of the journey that their wave-like or particle-like behavior was brought into existence,”

Coaxing photons into becoming a light saber

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Scientists have created a “new” form of matter by “coaxing” photons of light into binding together as molecules. Note the second to the last paragraph, “Lukin also suggested that the system might one day be used to create complex three-dimensional structures–such as crystals–wholly out of light. He also compared this new form of matter to the light sabers in Star Wars, saying  “It’s not an in-apt analogy to compare this to light sabers,” Lukin added. “When these photons interact with each other, they’re pushing against and deflect each other. The physics of what’s happening in these molecules is similar to what we see in the movies.” Well, If they ever succeed in making a light saber…I want one 🙂

Entanglement not a tangible physical property.

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The title to this article is by itself quite intriguing. Science comes ever closer to the truth as they find that quantum entanglement involves non-physical connections across space and time. Note in particular the second to the last paragraph of the article: “The experiment shows that it’s not strictly logical to think of entanglement as a tangible physical property, Eisenberg says. “There is no moment in time in which the two photons coexist,” he says, “so you cannot say that the system is entangled at this or that moment.” Yet, the phenomenon definitely exists. Anton Zeilinger, a physicist at the University of Vienna, agrees that the experiment demonstrates just how slippery the concepts of quantum mechanics are. “It’s really neat because it shows more or less that quantum events are outside our everyday notions of space and time.” How ironic for mankind that after thousands of years of asking the question “Does God exist?” it turns out that the proper question is “Does anything BUT God exist?”

Who are we and why are we here?

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What is the source of moral knowledge? Moral knowledge and direction come from mans sense of who he thinks he is and from what he considers his purpose (or lack of purpose) to be.

The only questions that have really ever mattered are, “Who are we?” and “Why are we here?” The answers to these questions are the whole point of philosophy, (although Bertrand Russell once remarked that “The point of philosophy is to start with something so simple as to seem not worth stating, and to end with something so paradoxical that no one will believe it.”)

Where does mans sense of who he is and what his purpose is come from? Francis Bacon summed up the principal sources of this knowledge in, “Novum Organum”, his treatise on intellectual fallacies. Bacon classified these sources as Idols because of human tendency to give these sources more veneration than they actually merit. All of these sources are tainted with false notions. He named them, Idols of the Tribe, Idols of the Cave, Idols of the Marketplace and Idols of the Theatre.

The Tribe consists of our parents, extended family members, teachers and all other members of our particular tribe in whom we trust for knowledge and guidance. Nietzsche spoke about this topic with his statement that “ The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”

The Cave refers to our individual minds and how our perception of the world is colored by our own temperament, education, habit, environment, accidents and personal experiences of the world. Plato used the Cave metaphor as well in referring to this concept. In his allegory of the cave, prisoners have been chained since childhood deep inside a cave and are immobilized so that they can only see a wall in front of them. Shadows are projected on the wall and since the prisoners never see anything else, the shadows become the only reality that they know. Plato remarks that if a prisoner were set free and led outside the cave into the sunlight and could see the world as it truly is, he could never again return to the cave and accept shadows as reality. Such is the nature of enlightenment.

The Marketplace refers to words themselves and their power to form opinions in the minds of men. In our day we can add pictures and movies to the list. A good example of the impact of the marketplace on our beliefs can be found in the world of Advertising. Coke is the “real thing” and with Nike shoes we can “just do it.”

The Theatre includes the field of theology, philosophy and science and is so designated because according to Bacon, “all the received systems are but so many stage-plays, representing worlds of their own creation after an unreal and scenic fashion”.

In more modern times, Thomas Kuhn has written extensively on the history of science and the fact that science does not progress in a linear fashion towards ultimate truth. Instead it works under a particular paradigm or world view for a time and then periodic revolutions take place in which the nature of scientific inquiry within a particular field is abruptly transformed. Except for the periodic revolutions, science works under a particular world view or paradigm with boundaries which define both what the universe contains and what it does not contain.

Kuhn wrote that a scientific community is “an immensely efficient instrument for solving the problems or puzzles that its paradigm contains.” Normal science is specifically not interested in innovation. Revolutionary advances and normal science are not really compatible because to seek the discovery of new phenomena unaccounted for by the paradigm, or to attempt the breaking of new theoretical ground, would threaten the paradigm.

It seems evident to me that religion functions in exactly the same way. Any particular religion works under a fiercely guarded world view and is not interested in any discovery that threatens its own particular viewpoint or paradigm.

Philosophy itself does not appear to be immune from paradigms. Frederick Nietzsche appears to be an interesting example of a philosopher strongly impacted, perhaps even created by a scientific revolution that led to a change in paradigms. In his case, Darwinian evolutionary theory led to the demise of the biblical Genesis paradigm. Its new materialistic world view appears to be the impetus behind Nietzsche’s philosophies and his famous proclamations such as “God is dead” and “Morality is herd instinct in the individual.”

It’s easy to see how such paradigm shifts lead men to rail against the inadequacies of human intellect and make statements such as “ In Christianity neither morality nor religion come into contact with reality at any point.” If this is the case, then we also see how mans concept of morality is strongly impacted by his view of who he is and what his purpose is.

With Darwin, the world suddenly became a place without purpose so why should morality have a purpose either? Purpose is now barred from science but as Alfred North Whitehead said, “Scientists, animated by the purpose of proving they are purposeless, constitute an interesting subject for study.” The paradigm that nature is purposeless is however becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.

Darwin believed that nature moved from simple to complex. Mankind evolved from simple single celled organisms….only this has proven not to be the case. We now know that” life is based on machines­—machines made of molecules. Molecular machines haul cargo from one place in the cell to another along highways made of other molecules, while still others act as cables, ropes, and pulleys to hold the cell in shape. Machines turn cellular switches on and off, sometimes killing the cell or causing it to grow. Solar powered machines capture the energy of photons and store it in chemicals. Electrical machines allow current to flow through nerves, Manufacturing machines build other molecular machines, as well as themselves. Cells swim using machines, copy themselves using machinery, ingest food with machinery. In short, highly sophisticated molecular machines control every cellular process. Thus the details of life are finely calibrated, and the machinery of life enormously complex.” ( Michael J. Behe, “Darwins Black Box”, pages 4-5).

Has there ever been a machine without a purpose? Are we to suppose that all machines have been created for a purpose except the one that is the most unfathomably complex of them all?

I’ve been to the zoo and seen apes that look curiously similar to people I’ve seen and I’m not challenging the fact that things evolve but the current paradigm does face challenges and the need for revision on several fronts. Another scientific revolution is brewing.

In the current paradigm, man is just a bunch of molecules that have blindly built a machine. But why stop with molecules? Molecules are made of atoms and atoms are made of nuclear particles and nuclear particles are made of light. Therefore Man is not just a bunch of molecules; he is in truth a creation of light.

Quantum physicist, David Bohmn, a close associate of Albert Einstein stated that all matter is essentially “frozen light” and that the universe is in some sense a holographic structure. This is not a metaphysical statement but a scientific observation.

Matter has in fact been created from light in the lab and we know the precise amount of energy it takes for instance to create an electron from light. (see Light, the real substance of which man is made, exhibits many strange properties. For one thing, at the speed of light, time stops. It also has no rest mass, so it has no space. It exhibits a property known as nonlocality wherein photons of light paired and then separated by any distance remain entangled (connected) with each other. Change the properties of one photon and the other will instantly change as well. Man it seems, is made of a substance that breaks all the rules of the current paradigm.

A large and growing body of evidence shows that like light, consciousness itself exhibits non-local properties. Some of the best evidence comes from “remote viewing” experiments carried out under the direction of the Pentagon, the CIA, and other U.S. Intelligence Agencies which show that man is capable of perceiving objects and events even if physically separated from them in time and space. If you’ve followed this blog you have read of my own experiences with Remote Viewing. The program itself was supported for over a decade at the highest levels of government (including at least two U.S. Presidents). The results of these consciousness experiments were so convincing as to elicit this comment from Major General Edmund R. Thompson, the U.S. Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, 1977-81. He said, “ I never liked to get into debates with the skeptics, because if you didn’t believe that remote viewing was real, you hadn’t done your homework”. (“Remote Viewers”, by Jim Schnabel, Dell Books 1997).

Nobel Prize winning scientist Cambridge Professor Brian Josephson is just one of many top ranking science professionals who have concluded that human consciousness is capable of nonlocal awareness, even while the scientific community in general continues to deny it.

As Thomas Kuhn indicated, radical scientific advancements threaten the existing paradigm and are therefore strongly repulsed by “normal” science. These types of advancements in knowledge must wait for another scientific revolution to occur before they can be accepted by the community at large. What does all this have to do with moral knowledge? Let me explain.

I was once a mentor in the “12-step” program held at a state prison. The purpose of this program was to assist prisoners in overcoming problems with alcoholism and drug addiction. In virtually every case, it was their problems with alcoholism and drug addiction that had led them to commit crimes which then ended with their incarceration. One day I told a group of prisoners the same story about light being the real base element of man as I have recounted above. The following week when I returned to the class, I noticed that the class was much larger than the previous week. One of the prisoners said, “We want you to tell us again what you told us last week about being made of light.” The men had been immensely impacted by what they had heard. They had been writing home telling family members about it. They had been discussing it and writing about it in their personal journals. It had challenged and changed their own personal paradigms concerning who they were as human beings and had done so in a very positive way. You could even say that in some way they had left the cave and come out into the light.

Morality and purpose are inseparably linked. We can’t have one without the other. What man sees when he looks inside is reflected in his actions in the world outside. It is the answers that we individually give to ourselves to the questions, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” that guide our individual moral choices and actions. Science itself is indicating that it’s time for man to reassess its own answers to those questions, for it has found that man is far more than it has imagined.

Frederich Nietzsche spoke the following words many years ago, at the dawn of the materialistic world view brought about by the findings of Charles Darwin. They are relevant again today at the sunset of that vision. The dawn of a new day has extended forth its first light and in that light men see with awe and wonder a universe full of purpose. “every daring of the lover of knowledge is allowed again; the sea, our sea, lies open again; maybe there has never been such an open sea. “